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Linda Martin

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Linda Martin

is considered a premiere photographer who has been taking photographs on the South Shore for over 30 years. Her passion for photography was ignited when her four children were born. She spent countless hours capturing those special moments in time that will never happen again or in the same way. Linda prides herself on giving her clients that same opportunity to capture their special memories and the ability to revisit them as often as they would like.


Linda's passion for photography is taken to a new levels by continually challenging herself by broadening her audience and trying new settings. When professionally photographing infants, taking high school pictures, or shooting special events and weddings, Linda always brings her keen sense of lighting and state of the art digital equipment.   


Linda's fast, playful manner allows for an efficient and fun photography experience.  While shooting, her goal is to get you to relax so she can capture you at your best, and in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.  Most of Linda's photos are taken outside on various beaches, dunes and beautiful wooded areas we are so fortunate to have on the South Shore.