Cedar Point Photography

Linda Martin


What should I wear?  

*For individual shots, (Senior Portraits, Linkedin, modeling portfolios, etc) I've found that a simple top or neckline in a color that matches your eyes always looks good, as one of your choices anyway.  You want the viewers eyes to go to the subject...YOU...not the clothing your wearing.

*For group shots, I feel that "SIMILAR" not necessarily EXACT colors work well.  For example, if the whole group were to wear a medium shade of blue, in whatever type of neckline style they feel most comfortable in, would be a great choice!

What happens if it's cloudy, can I reschedule?

A cloudy or overcast day is the ideal lighting for outdoor photography.  Clouds are great at softening the light on a subject by reducing shadows and squinting that often times you see in fun sun.  If it happens to be raining or very very windy than absolutely we can reschedule your sitting.

How long does a photo sitting take?

I know it's a big undertaking to get your photograph taken, so while I want to make sure you have lots of photos to choose from I also realize you have only so many great smiles and expressions in you! That being said, I feel typically no more than 45 minutes for individual sittings and 45- 60 for a family or larger group.

When will I get to see my photos?

I do my best to make your digital files available to you within 4 days of your photo shoot!  At a minimum you will have 50 different images to make your selections from.